LMS review from RE/MAX: effective learning solution LMS review from RE/MAX: effective learning solution
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LMS Review from RE/MAX

RE/MAX Romania is a global force in the real-estate industry and they know that being the best in the business environment means constant investment in knowledge. So, we’ve teamed up: Knolyx is their suitable eLearning environment to deliver enlightening information to their employees.


What was MMM Consulting looking for when they started to search for an eLearning platform? a collaborative platform; a user friendly and easy to use eLearning environment; training tracker maintenance; a partner in delivering their tailored made, modular programs; a LMS which encourages learners to communicate and share materials; a way to make knowledge accessible to their clients who work all over Europe.


The solution? Knolyx, the eLearning platform which checks their needs and supports their learning and development goals. But you don't have to believe us, Iulian Berghian, the Head of Training at RE/MAX Romania says it. "I've searched a lot for platforms and I find that the Knolyx platform is the best option for us. The main reason for which we've chosen Knolyx was that it is very easy to find information when we need it, you can organise and establish learning paths for newcomers, you can have evaluation tests for each step of the training and, of course, it is available on every device connected to the Internet, it doesn't matter if it's mobile or desktop." Moreover, our team highly supports companies who are constantly looking for improvement through learning, which is highly appreciated by our clients. "Above that, I want to say thank you to Valentina and her team because the Knolyx team is such an amazing team that has helped us a lot in implementation and has given us a lot of support on every task that we want to implement. So, if you are searching for an eLearning platform, I highly recommend you the Knolyx platform, which can also be the best for you!", says Iulian.
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