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Learning path can be seen as a chosen route, taken by a learner through a range of e-learning activities, the purpose is to build knowledge progressively.

A Learning Path can be created with a Creator account and can be viewed from the Student account. A learning path can be created with different courses/resources existing in the organization. In order to create a learning path, you will have to go from the Creator account to the Library section from the main menu and select Learning Path. A new page will be displayed and by pressing the “Create” button you can define a new Learning Path.

Following field have to be defined when creating a new Learning Path:

1. Photo - a representative image for the Learning Path
2. Name - a representative title
3. Keywords - specific word to define the Learning Path

4. Description - a short summary regarding the Learning Path
5. Category - the domain/industry/category where the Learning Path will be created
6. Level - Beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert
7. Audience - the targeted people to follow the Learning Path
8. Requirements - if there are any special requests to follow this learning path. For example: to have a certification in a specific field/industry
9. Objectives - the goals to be reached by following the learning path

learning path details

After completing these fields, in order to save this learning path, you should press the “Save” button from below, go to the “Curriculum” section in order to add courses/resources to the Learning Path.

In the Curriculum section, you can easily add resources course by pressing the “plus” button from the right of the courses, afterwords the course/resource will appear in the Selected item list. Also, when creating a learning path you can select them by type Course or Resource, or by category: Management, Marketing, or other categories defined for your organization. After selecting the courses/resources to add in the curriculum press save button and after publishing in order to be viewed by students.

As well you can view the created Learning Path by pressing the “Preview” button above the Learning Path name.

learning path curriculum

This is how a Learning Path looks after completing all the details:

learning path overview

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