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Live streaming is a microservice which acts as a wrapper on top of a streaming provider to offer a customized API and some extra features.


  • The streaming can be defined in one of the two categories: live streaming or webcast.

The difference between the webcast and live streaming is that the last one can take place only one time on a specified period of time and cannot be recorded. The webcast can be accessed many times after it’s finished due to the fact that it can be recorded.

  • Creator: the person that creates the streaming.
  • Trainer: the person that is assigned and takes the streaming, the moderator.
  • When creating streaming following fields have to be defined: name, type (live/webcast), Trainers, Description, Category, Start Date & Time, Audience, Requirements, Objectives.
  • As a student when taking streaming, you can leave comments on discussion sections and request access to speak during the streaming, which can be allowed or denied by the trainer- rise hand option.
  • The trainer has the possibility to share his screen during the streaming.
  • In order to open the streaming session, the trainer must switch from the role of creator

live stream details

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