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Every company has the possibility to group its employees on workgroups. The scope of the workgroup is to assign specific members on different courses or quizzes. It is more easy to manage employees for a specific course or quiz.

In order to create a workgroup, you need to have a Partner Manager role and go to Management - Administration, where you will have the section Workgroup. After you click on the Create button, you will need to define the following field:

  • Name - Workgroup title
  • Description - A short summary regarding the workgroup
  • Members - Select organization members to include in workgroup from the available drop-down list
  • Roles - the role/permission you want to assign to the entire workgroup. For example if you assign Student role, every workgroup member will have Student permission
  • Status - active or inactive. If the workgroup is set as inactive, the members will not have access to the courses set for the workgroup before.

administrare - grupuri de lucru
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