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Every organization has its own employees with different roles and jobs in the company.

With the Partner Manager or Client Manager Role, you can manage employees. You have to enter the main menu at Management- Administration- Employees (on the left side).

Knolyx provides you with the necessary tools in order to manage employees more easily.
To define an employee you will need to fill the following fields:

  • First name - mandatory field
  • Last Name - mandatory field
  • Birthday date - this field is optional
  • Email - This field is mandatory so that the student will receive notification regarding future courses on the platform.
  • Address - optional
  • Phone - optional
  • Departments - optional. For example, you have an employee in different departments: Human resources, Marketing, IT, Sales, etc.
  • Roles - mandatory. The role can be assigned directly from the platform. Example of roles: Student, Course Creator, Trainer, Department manager, Partner manager, etc.
  • Gender - Male / Female
  • Status - This field defines if the employee is active or inactive. For example, your employee has resigned , in this case it will be inactive.

    After you define the above details regarding the employee, click on the Save button.

employee details
manage employees
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