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Resources are created by a course creator and have the purpose to present information without introducing it to a course. Learning resources can have various types like pdf, video, audio or book.

The scope of learning resources is to make available for students different information/news for about different topics, without creating a course.

In order to create learning resources, you have to follow these steps:

1. Log in with you creator account
2. Go to Library from the main menu and access Resources

3. Click on “Create”
4. A new page will be displayed, where the following details must be completed:

a) Title/ name of the resource

b) Resource photo (.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif)

c) Type: audio, video, pdf, book. Depending on the type that you choose, when the resource material will be uploaded, it will be mandatory to select the files on the type chosen.

d) Keywords - words describing the resources, in order to find it easier

e) Language - select the language for your resource

f) Category - the category where the resource can be introduced. For example, you have news regarding Top Management Companies than your resource will be introduced in the management category.

g) Description - a short summary of the resource

h) Author type - there can be to types of authors: existing or new. In case if you select an existing author, it can be selected from the drop-down list below. If the author is new it will generate new fields to complete like Name, Description, and Photo.

i) Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert. The level represents the difficulty of reading resource

j) Select resources. Depending on the type chosen you will have to select or drag and drop the resource.

After defining the above fields press the “Save” button from the right corner of the page. After saving the resource you will have to publish it, by clicking on the “Publish” button which is on the right of the “Edit Resource [Draft]”learning 

resource details

You can also add external materials that can be downloaded by the student. In order to add materials, go to materials on the same page. The materials can be pdf documents or external links to be accessed by the student.

resource materials

In order to preview the learning resources, you have to press “View Resource”, nearby the title of the resource.

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