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The platform has many types of users with different permissions, one of them is the student role.

Student role

With the student role, you will have access to all courses/resources/quizzes that are created in the organization on which you are enrolled. Students also have access to learning paths carefully planned by the course creators. A learning path contains a list of complementary courses that the student needs to complete in order to obtain a complete learning experience. For offline courses, access is granted by trainers.

When accessing a lecture, the student has the possibility of downloading resources (e.g. attached documents, videos, and presentations), adding discussions regarding that lecture or taking notes.

student role - dasboard

Menu bar for Student dashboard includes:

• Dashboard
Courses - represents the courses that have been assigned by a training manager or a trainer to a student. The students will see in the “Courses” section only the courses that he has been assigned to.

Discover what’s new - represents the resources that have been recently added to the platform.

Popular resources - represents the most viewed resources from the platform. The popularity factor is given by the number of views, encountered from the moment of publishing.

Recommended courses - represents the courses that are suggested by the direct/indirect manager to the employee from a specific department/workgroup. Also, the recommended courses can be applied for the entire organization by the trainer, client or partner manager.

Experience per day (HABIT) - the period of time that a student establishes per day for learning in the platform. By default, the period is set for 5 minutes. The experience per day is defined each day for a week.

My playlist - a list for previewing the lectures liked from different courses.

Learning Path - the courses that have been assigned to the students in an order established by a training manager or a trainer. When the student will pass all the courses from a learning path, he will receive a specific rank.

For example, when a person who has a student role finish a learning path with management courses, he will receive the Management Expert rank. Also, every student will have the possibility to create his own learning path from different courses.

Badges - When finishing a course, the student will receive a number of points that he will determine the progress from a badge to another.

• Discover
The Discover section represents the courses/resources that haven’t been accessed by the student, or the student hasn’t been assigned to them before. The Student has the possibility to see all courses/resources that have been created in the organization.

• Library
The library contains the e-learning elements that a student needs in order to have a productive method of learning, such as:

Courses - represents the courses that have been assigned by a training manager/trainer to a student or the courses that a Student has enrolled to.

Playlist - a list with the lecture that a student has created with his favorite lectures. A student can create as many playlists as he wants.

Resources - can have various types such as video, audio, pdf, txt. Resources are created by a course creator and have the purpose to present information without introducing it to a course.

Learning path - represents the courses or/and resources related to a specific category or topic, that a student has to learn in the given order. The scope of the learning path is to help the student to learn progressively.

• Testing
Testing contains the quizzes that the student has been enrolled to. Quizzes can be defined by In Progress, Completed, My Quizzes. This section has been created in order to evaluate the student’s knowledge of different topics or after completing different courses. After, the completion of a quiz, with the student role, you will see automatically the result of the quiz.

Also, he might or might not have the possibility to see the detailed results, with the correct answer for each question. The view detailed results page depends on the course creator if he decides to show or not the right answer. As well, depending on the creator, the student might have the possibility to retake the quiz. Another characteristic of the quiz is that it could be timed, so using the student role, you will see how much time he has left in order to finish the quiz.

student - testing
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