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LMS is the key to nowadays learning. Thus, we designed Knolyx, a global learning
management system, to bring knowledge closer to people by making it

We believe knowledge is enlightening

LMS is the key to nowadays learning. Thus, we designed Knolyx, a global learning management system, to bring knowledge closer to people by making it fun and interactive, efficient and goal-driven, adaptive to our clients’ needs.

We employ a gamification system to engage the students, communities of practice to encourage people to share knowledge and a series of innovative tools such as real life scenarios.

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Connect the dots

Between knowledge seekers: experienced trainers, company managers and employees.

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Focus on your needs

Meet your adaptive and customized LMS and make the most out of its features.


LMS innovative features

Such as blockchains, intelligent chatbots, live streams and rewarding systems.

Choose the right plan for you

You can monitor students’ activity and progress, you can generate activity reports and access in-depth statistics. Everything is there.


See how our product empowers real businesses.

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Madi Radulescu,

MMM Consulting

Collaborative learning platform, easy to use, easy to integrate learners' contribution as well, not only ours, easy way to test their connection to the program because it has all sort of tracking opportunities and options.

Iulian Berghian

Iulian Berghian,


I've searched a lot for learning platforms and I find that the Knolyx platform is the best option for us. The main reason for which we've chosen Knolyx was that it is very easy to find information when we need it, you can organise and establish learning paths for newcomers.

Emanuela Savu

Emanuela Savu,

Romanian Banking Institute

Easy-to-use learning-app with an intuitive interface and a very useful training tracker function.

Alexandra Copos de Prada

Alexandra Copos de Prada,

Moonstar Ventures

Knolyx has been an amazing partner in developing together the most advanced learning experience platform for businesses looking to train their workforce. The platform’s modern look, simplicity and focus on a social and gamified learning experience make all the difference.

Ovidiu Vasile

Ovidiu Vasile,

Urgent Cargus

Knolyx product has streamlined our processes, reduced costs, and provided our users with an intelligible learning experience. Through Knolyx, we managed to deliver courses more easily to all our employees and partners, and made the induction process more efficient.

Eva Williams

Eva Williams,

The Knolyx learning management system offers a mix of advanced features and a contemporary UI, as the developers focused primarily on making the user experience as convenient as possible.

Mirona Agachi

Mirona Agachi,


I like two things best: 1/ With Knolyx, you have the ability to curate the content that your learners receive, limiting overwhelm and promoting a sustainable learning curve. 2/ Knolyx is fully gamified, where you can add interactive courses, have your learners take quizzes and then reward them with progress pages!


Clementina Anghelache,

Learning Network

Knolyx changes the perspective upon learning: from static to dynamic, by means of interaction and gamification. Learners are constantly encouraged to become an active part of the training programs, to gain knowledge and to test their learning progress. Moreover, social learning is enforced through communities of practice, which is really valuable for us.